20 days to the marriage of your dreams

Weddings are wonderful; a beautiful celebration of love and friendship. In a moment the dream comes true; Prince Charming marries his bride, the fairytale becomes reality.

And yet, too often the radiance of “the big day” tarnishes as the harsh realities of life inflict their will on our marriage story. Sometimes things outside our control come to shake us, at other times ignorance, misinformation or bad judgement lead us in the wrong path. There may be distractions that we’ve never even considered before.

A dream marriage doesn’t happen by chance. If we wish to live with our bride happily-ever-after there are obstacles to overcome, there are dragons to slay.

Picture of dragon

Slay the dragon! The solution may be simple, but it is rarely easy. Prince Charming never defeats the foe with a single blow.

The journey to a great marriage may be simple, but it may not be easy.

Every story has a hero who must work, make sacrifices and overcome hardship to win the prize. But they can never do it alone; they need help, they need a guide.

The guide has seen the prize. But more importantly, the guide has seen the enemy and knows it can be defeated. The prince must study to become a knight. He must know himself and know his foe. Then having mastered himself, he must defeat the enemy that he may claim the prize.

Twenty Days To The Marriage Of Your Dreams is a compilation of twenty lessons to help you on your journey towards a great marriage; Twenty issues to reveal who you are, twenty questions that will guide you on your quest to achieve the marriage of your dreams.

You are the hero. It’s time to claim the prize.

20 days to the marriage of your dreams book cover

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