Why nothing is too difficult

When buying a second hand car the drill is the same; circle it one-and-a-half times, giving it a good look-over. Then, after delivering a sturdy kick to a couple of the tyres, you ask, “Let’s have a look inside?” hoping to give the impression you know what you’re talking about. Opening up the bonnet you emit a few sounds with furrowed brow to register your concerns, “Errr…. Hmmmm.”

Or, how many times have you had a problem with a car and instinctively popped the bonnet to have a look in spite of the fact you have almost no idea about it’s internal workings? Standing there, staring at the engine bay, you think, “I have no idea….”

Perhaps that’s just me?

close-up of engine

Actually, it’s not so hard. No, really it’s not; you just need to know what you’re looking at. There are so many parts, caps and bolts. It can get messy and it can over-heat, but it’s not actually all that complex when you understand what’s going on and follow the logic.

Are you a “fixer”? If it’s broken you want to know how it should work. You take it apart, find the logic, identify what’s wrong and make it work.

Nothing is too difficult when you break it down to simple, manageable steps.

Haynes car manuals are amazing; they helps with fault-finding and give step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process of fixing the problem. Each bolt and bracket is identified, each step described. You’ll soon have your car back on the road. Some jobs are easy, some are not; some require special tools, experience and confidence.

Fixers hate “black boxes”. You know, those ones that say, “no user serviceable parts inside.” You can’t fix them! If they work, they work. When they fail, throw them away. Marriage is not a black box, however there’s no Haynes manual. I checked. Yes, some marriages work well and some don’t, but we are not without hope. There are many who have learnt the secrets to making it work well.

However well your marriage is working, it’s not too difficult to make it even better if you want to. Decide today to invest in your marriage. Perhaps you’ll want to speak to a marriage coach together, attend a marriage course or seminar, or read a good marriage book. You may just dedicate some time together to review your marriage and what could improve it.

Don’t sit on the fence; make a decision today. Your marriage will only be better when you make it happen.

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