What it takes to be great

“He had so much potential,” they say in hushed tones, “I guess he just didn’t have what it takes.” But what does it take?

Many dreams remain just that, a dream. Snatching failure from the jaws of victory, many never achieve the greatness that seemed to be theirs. And all because of one simple thing: Fear


“If I wasn’t so afraid I would….” Have you spoken those words recently?

Fear is good. It warns us of dangers and prevents us from making terrible mistakes. Fear can save us.

But for all its benefits, fear is a bad master. It’s debilitating. Limiting your thinking and restricting your options, it will rob you of your dreams.

And yet, without fear we can lose. It heightens our senses and causes us to rise above, to do what we thought impossible.

Sometimes all we have to go on is that small, quiet and indistinct voice calling us to defy reason. A big decision made in the face of the facts, we choose the “illogical” path. In spite of myriad opposing voices, we abandon the rational and follow the dream. Afraid? Yes. Free? Oh yes!

Fear and faith go hand-in-hand. Like the Apostle Peter climbing out of the security of the boat he knew and trusted. On no other day would he step onto the water, expecting it to take his weight. As the wind howled about and the waves soaked him, was he afraid? I reckon so. Did he have faith? You bet.

Courage is not an absence of fear, but acting in spite of our fear. It will not shirk responsibility. It does not ask for a guaranteed outcome.

Faith doesn’t mean we know all the answers, or even how things will turn out. It doesn’t preclude fear, but it does mean we can walk ahead courageous, confident, head held high.

When was the last time you put fear in its place of service rather than mastery?

What does it take to be great? Be courageous and do it afraid!

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