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This is the list of some of my favourite resources as found in my book Ulcerative Colitis – When the bottom drops our of your world. Here you’ll find all the same resources but with links to the relevant websites.


Eat Dirt

The book by Josh Axe is superb. Because the gut is the centre of the immune system, Axe’s basic premise it that if your gut is healthy, your whole body will be healthy. Axe identifies the different “gut types”, how you can tell which you are, and how best to keep your gut type healthy.

The Maker’s Diet

I first read The Maker’s Diet in 2015 and actually followed the diet in early 2016. Since then I have also read The Maker’s Diet Revolution. Written by Jordan Rubin, who suffered with sever Colitis, these books detail how he cured his disease after a significant amount of ineffective medical intervention. I’d say they are a must-read for anyone with IBD or any chronic disease.

Wheat Belly

Even if you don’t suffer from IBD I’d recommend you read this book. Written by cardiologist William Davis, this is a well researched and highly informative book written for those of us that are not scientists. Wheat Belly explains the problems with modern wheat, the myriad detrimental health effects of eating it and what we can do about it.

The Power To Forgive

Having lived through sexual and spiritual abuse, Reinhard Hirtler writes as one who as lived a life of forgiveness, found freedom and helped many others do the same. It’s a highly practical book which will sensitively guide you towards total forgiveness.


I don’t get anything from recommending these site, only the satisfaction of pointing you towards resources to help you live a more healthy life…


Chris Wark is a cancer survivor who beat cancer using natural means, i.e. he did not go down the chemo and radiation route. His blog is now dedicated to giving help and advice about natural cancer prevention and treatment, and telling the stories of others that have beat cancer and disease naturally.


Dr Josh Axe’s website is a mine of information, including articles and videos on a variety of health and wellness subjects, delicious healthy recipes and fitness.


Another site with loads of information to help empower you to live a healthy whole life. Recipes, articles, videos and more.


This is what opened our eyes to the possibilities outside of the medical establishment and set us on a journey of health discovery. It’s a 1hr25mins documentary that I highly recommend you watch.


With the aims of educating people about cancer, exposing the pharmaceutical monopolies (that make big profits from proliferating cancer) and eradicating cancer, TTAC is another mine of information to help you live a more healthy life.

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