Is identity more than a name?

Couple holding hands

“Everybody calls her by her name, even those who don’t know how to say it. I prefer to call her ‘my wife.’ Because nobody else can. The marriage relationship is supposed to be set apart. Different from every other relationship, even the relationship with our kids. So, when I say…

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Marriage is for connecting

In this series we will be looking at some of the basic principles of what makes marriage important from the Christian’s perspective. I will simply be considering some of the ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time and is found in the Biblical texts. Marriage is for connecting…

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A little gratitude can change your life

Gratitude, thumbs up

Life is built on relationships. This is an age where it’s easier and more convenient to maintain our connections than ever before. We are, it seems, without excuse for widening and deepening our friendships. And yet… So many of our relationships can be superficial. We may consider our colleagues or…

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Recipe for a sound investment

I made soup today! We had guests for lunch and thought that a home-made leek and potato soup would be perfect for the occasion. When I say I made soup, I peeled the potatoes, stirred the pot a few times then used the blender to make it nice and smooth.…

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Are you living the dream?

Do you have plans? Is your future mapped out? Perhaps you’re a cynic decrying those with their 5- and 10-year plans? I was. Sure, I had dreams. Things I’d like to do. Maybe. Some day. Possibly… Ten years later they were still no closer to happening. I needed to change.…

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