Two little words. One big impact.

Writing a Thank you note

There are two little words we all love to hear. Sadly, as we grow older many of us seem to hear them less, and less. We’ve come to a point where we often don’t know how to respond to these words; they elicit an uncomfortable denial. The thoughts, “you don’t…

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Here comes the bride… and she needs help

Inside a church

It was frenetic. Rushing from one place to another, we tried in vain to complete everything on time. People were late. Things had gone wrong. The kids could not grasp the concept of doing anything quickly today. But now, the frenzy forgotten. Stillness. What was not done would remain undone.…

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Reasons to be cheerful – it’s your choice

Happiness sign post

Choices. Our lives are packed full of options. The power to choose can be liberating; we have the ability to shape our destiny. Yet sometimes we’d rather not have a choice. Have you ever said, “there are just too may options!” At times we just want to take the easy…

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Do you want to live the good life?

Half empty of half full?

Are you living the good life? What actually makes a life good? I love an amazing wife and our four young children. We live in a home with a spacious garden. I have good friends living close by. I enjoy working to empower other people in their lives. But it’s…

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A little gratitude can change your life

Gratitude, thumbs up

Life is built on relationships. This is an age where it’s easier and more convenient to maintain our connections than ever before. We are, it seems, without excuse for widening and deepening our friendships. And yet… So many of our relationships can be superficial. We may consider our colleagues or…

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Memories are made with people

Memories. Travelling back through time collecting photographs. People, places, moments. Images pinned to a board. Each photograph a reminder, a milestone on my journey. The pin board a map of my life, a brief history of me. Looking at a “history of me” it is easier to see how far…

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4 Powerful things to say to your wife

It’s vital you tell your wife you love her. Regularly. Don’t let it become empty; say it with words and actions that show you mean it. You may think that’s easier said than done. Well, actually it’s not so difficult. Here are some of the most powerful words you can…

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