Dry Brushing

Body brush and bath salts

Even if you don’t, the multitude of adverts that we’re confronted with make it clear that many people pay great attention to caring for their face. After all, it’s the bit of us that people see the most. The same cannot be said of the skin covering the rest of…

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Living beyond comfortable

Chair by a fire

You’d think we’d have learnt by now, yet still we continue to do it. We stress ourselves out needlessly. The fact is most of the things we worry about never happen. Really, you should worry less. Part way through the school year one of my sons wanted to join the…

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Reasons to be cheerful – it’s your choice

Happiness sign post

Choices. Our lives are packed full of options. The power to choose can be liberating; we have the ability to shape our destiny. Yet sometimes we’d rather not have a choice. Have you ever said, “there are just too may options!” At times we just want to take the easy…

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Do you want to live the good life?

Half empty of half full?

Are you living the good life? What actually makes a life good? I love an amazing wife and our four young children. We live in a home with a spacious garden. I have good friends living close by. I enjoy working to empower other people in their lives. But it’s…

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How do I know I can trust you?

Helicopter rescue

“Trust me!” The howling winds swallow the words as another wave pounds the rock to which the terrified swimmer clings. The winchman lowers the line, little by little; rescue is imminent. But the rock seem more secure, safer even, than the arms of a rescuer hanging precariously over the wild…

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You think that I’m strong. You’re wrong.

How do you put into words the mental strain of dealing with serious illness and devastating crises? The unknowns can be paralysing; the effect on your life, the consequences for those you love. Where will it all end? Will it end? Sitting in hospital, watching the same four walls day…

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Living with less stress

At one time or another we have all been through difficult and testing times. It still amazes me that, although very few people want to repeat those experiences, there are many who say they are glad they faced them. The reason? We can always learn something from the dark times.…

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Christmas – Love, Joy, Peace and STRESS!

I love Christmas, a time of celebration, joy and hope. It reminds us there is a narrative greater than the world’s ills; God has come to earth to initiate a rescue, to bring hope to those who are hopeless, to restore relationships, to reunite His family… so why the STRESS?!…

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