I have UC – My Story


In September 2003, at the age of 25, I started bleeding. Every time I went to the toilet and opened my bowels I lost more blood. Being slim I was already at the bottom of the healthy weight range for my height, yet I lost 25% of my weight over…

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A really short interview with Andrew Parfitt

One great thing about life is that many people have “already done it” and have experience we can learn from. In this series I’ve asked people about key lessons they’ve learned being married. I hope it helps you have an even better marriage. A really short interview with Andrew Parfitt…

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Get out of your private prison – Forgive


When someone says, “I’m sorry” how do you respond? Often, feeling uncomfortable, we may brush it aside with a swift, “It’s OK” and move on to easier conversation. But was it really “OK”? Was their contrition worthless? Were you not really hurt or upset? Did they not require your pardon?…

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