Why I hate weddings


The air is alive with the chatter of birds and the dappled sun gently lights the idyllic green. The chime of the bells drifts across the village, announcing to all who would hear that a new life has begun. The bride and groom have made their vows and emerge from…

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A divine conspiracy?

Pebbles on a beach

It’s a conspiracy! In life we tend to surround ourselves with people who are like us. The metric we use may vary depending upon our situation; it could be nationality, language or ethnicity. Where we are part of the majority the divisions may be along financial, religious, idealistic or any…

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Anything goes in war?

Fist fight

Yes or No? In or Out? Red or Blue? We seem to be bombarded with an endless stream of binary choices, each with varying degrees of influence on our lives and about which we have little or no voice. I am not qualified to join the debate filling the blogosphere…

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What lies just beneath the surface?

Crumbling brickwork

Decorating is a multi-billion pound industry. In the U.K. alone it was estimated that we would spend over £8 billion on DIY each year by 2017. We are encouraged to express our personality through colours and styles. Long-gone are the days where, to quote Henry Ford on the production of…

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A really short interview with Andrew Parfitt

One great thing about life is that many people have “already done it” and have experience we can learn from. In this series I’ve asked people about key lessons they’ve learned being married. I hope it helps you have an even better marriage. A really short interview with Andrew Parfitt…

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Christmas – Love, Joy, Peace and STRESS!

I love Christmas, a time of celebration, joy and hope. It reminds us there is a narrative greater than the world’s ills; God has come to earth to initiate a rescue, to bring hope to those who are hopeless, to restore relationships, to reunite His family… so why the STRESS?!…

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