Reasons to be cheerful – it’s your choice

Happiness sign post

Choices. Our lives are packed full of options. The power to choose can be liberating; we have the ability to shape our destiny. Yet sometimes we’d rather not have a choice. Have you ever said, “there are just too may options!” At times we just want to take the easy…

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A really short interview with Peter and Kay Goodchild

One great thing about life is that many people have “already done it” and have experience we can learn from. In this series I’ve asked people about key lessons they’ve learned. I hope it helps you have an even better marriage. A really short interview with Peter and Kay Goodchild…

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Why you should laugh with your spouse

There is nothing like a good laugh! To see someone creased up, holding their sides, tears running down their cheeks as they gasp for air, overcome with hilarity; it is contagious. The smile that creeps across your face grows to a grin and then, there’s no going back. You laugh!…

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