A divine conspiracy?

Pebbles on a beach

It’s a conspiracy! In life we tend to surround ourselves with people who are like us. The metric we use may vary depending upon our situation; it could be nationality, language or ethnicity. Where we are part of the majority the divisions may be along financial, religious, idealistic or any…

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From this day forward

Just married

Getting married is more that getting a piece of paper; it’s making a huge commitment. A marriage that works well is not a matter of good luck. You have to work at it and that means making some intentional decisions. Scott Kedersha’s blog post “5 Things We Are Glad We…

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Anything goes in war?

Fist fight

Yes or No? In or Out? Red or Blue? We seem to be bombarded with an endless stream of binary choices, each with varying degrees of influence on our lives and about which we have little or no voice. I am not qualified to join the debate filling the blogosphere…

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It’s your choice

Choices. We are faced with choices every day. Some are trivial, some are significant. From time to time we may have to make decisions that have national significance. On other occasions our choices may be of far greater importance, affecting the very core of our life and relationships. Choices are…

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Marriage is for perfecting

In this series we will be looking at some of the basic principles of what makes marriage important from the Christian’s perspective. I will simply be considering some of the ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time and is found in the Biblical texts. Marriage is for perfecting…

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What you do matters more than you think

Is what you do really important? You’ve probably heard that “actions speak louder than words”. When it comes to love, it’s not true for everybody, but there is a significant proportion of the population for whom it is. For many people, it’s what you do for them that tells them…

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Triangles make the world go round

Everywhere you look you can find triangles. Being the only naturally rigid structure, they’re what the world is built on. They are a combination of beauty and simplicity, but perhaps that’s just my engineering background coming through. Yet their simplicity belies the strength and complexity of the structures they can…

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So you’ve had a bust-up… what now?

A New Year’s resolution so quickly broken. In spite of your best endeavours, it happened again. You said there would be no arguments this year; you were doing well, until… It can be tempting to feel sorry for yourself, as though you’re the one that’s hard done by. But wait!…

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