Free to be different?

Circle of hands

Life can be transient. Continually moving, never settling. We may never even meet the people we interact with on a daily basis. Isolation and loneliness; they’re epidemics hidden behind busy Facebook profiles and Insta-smiles. The opening pages of the Bible reveal what it took years for professionals to figure out,…

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Are you taking sides?

Back to back

How gullible are you? I know you don’t, but some people will believe whatever you tell them. I remember when I was at school there was a phase where the “in” joke was to tell someone, “Hey, did you know they’ve just taken the word gullible out of the dictionary?”…

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Anything goes in war?

Fist fight

Yes or No? In or Out? Red or Blue? We seem to be bombarded with an endless stream of binary choices, each with varying degrees of influence on our lives and about which we have little or no voice. I am not qualified to join the debate filling the blogosphere…

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Can I be a better lover?

What is love?

Wilson Pickett, The Rolling Stones and The Blues Brothers echoed Solomon Burke’s assertion, “Everybody needs somebody to love”. If there’s one word in the English language that’s over-used, perhaps it is “love”. We love pizza, football and nachos. We love lazy summer evenings and the frost that decorates the glass…

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Marriage is for connecting

In this series we will be looking at some of the basic principles of what makes marriage important from the Christian’s perspective. I will simply be considering some of the ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time and is found in the Biblical texts. Marriage is for connecting…

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2 stereotypes you can’t trust

Blue for a boy, pink for a girl. It’s been that way since the dawn of time, hasn’t it? Actually, no. In the early 1900s blue was perceived as “delicate and dainty” thus suitable for a girl whereas pink was “more decided and stronger” so obviously very manly. Big boys…

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A really short interview with Reinhard and Debi Hirtler

One great thing about life is that many people have “already done it” and have experience we can learn from. In this series I’ve asked people about key lessons they’ve learned. I hope it helps you have an even better marriage. A really short interview with Reinhard and Debi Hirtler…

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So you’ve had a bust-up… what now?

A New Year’s resolution so quickly broken. In spite of your best endeavours, it happened again. You said there would be no arguments this year; you were doing well, until… It can be tempting to feel sorry for yourself, as though you’re the one that’s hard done by. But wait!…

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