Does it sound too simple?


Seemingly simple things can prove to be utterly frustrating. Having published Ulcerative Colitis – When the bottom drops out of your world I wanted to make it available as an audio book. It’s a simple process – record myself reading it, do a little post-processing then upload it. Simple. Or…

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From this day forward

Just married

Getting married is more that getting a piece of paper; it’s making a huge commitment. A marriage that works well is not a matter of good luck. You have to work at it and that means making some intentional decisions. Scott Kedersha’s blog post “5 Things We Are Glad We…

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Anti-social media will enhance your life

As a university student, back in the 1990s, I knew just a small handful of students that carried a mobile phone. Today as I dropped my sons off at school, children under the age of 10 were handing their phones in to the office for safe-keeping. Times have changed. More…

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What lies just beneath the surface?

Crumbling brickwork

Decorating is a multi-billion pound industry. In the U.K. alone it was estimated that we would spend over £8 billion on DIY each year by 2017. We are encouraged to express our personality through colours and styles. Long-gone are the days where, to quote Henry Ford on the production of…

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It’s time for your 60,000 mile service

Of all the days, why did it have to be today? Everything had seemed to be going so well. We were cruising along the ever-busy M25 motorway when suddenly the engine stopped, the dash flashed up a warning “Antipollution Fault”. Now, here we were, stranded on the hard shoulder; four…

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The loneliest place on earth?

A crowded room can be the most lonely place on earth. Living in one of the great cities in the world is no antidote to isolation. In close proximity to many, yet alone. Why? We lack connection. Conversation is important but there are other vital elements. The myriad social media…

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What you do matters more than you think

Is what you do really important? You’ve probably heard that “actions speak louder than words”. When it comes to love, it’s not true for everybody, but there is a significant proportion of the population for whom it is. For many people, it’s what you do for them that tells them…

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Why you need connection

Do you ever have that feeling that you’re not getting through to someone? No matter how you deliver it, your words just don’t make an impact? I am part of a writers group that meets on a weekly basis to talk about our work. We talk about our progress and…

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