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Writing Services


To write or not to write; the blank page stares at you unflinching. There is so much that needs to be said, yet it remains unsaid. The cursor blinks… unceasingly… just waiting… for you… but where to start? Now, that is the question.

I regularly write about lifestyle topics here on my blog and I’ve written two non-fiction books. My background in IT and engineering has fostered an attention to detail. Some of the work I’ve done for other people includes:

  • writing manuals for software products
  • producing a variety of IT training materials.
  • writing promotional material for charities.
  • editing work by other authors.

I live in the south east of England but I work with people across the world. Drop me a mail and let’s see if I can help you with your next project.

“I have LinkedIn to thank for helping me find Chris when a vocational project in UAE needed an IT content specialist. From the start Chris behaved in a very professional manner, working on a sample for an appraisal of his work, followed by working to tight deadlines and changing schemes of work. I would highly recommend him as a level-headed, fast-working and clear thinking professional who is an asset to anybody’s team!”
Wendy Arnold – co-Founder, ELT Consultants


Please, write for me!

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