Recipe for a sound investment

I made soup today!

We had guests for lunch and thought that a home-made leek and potato soup would be perfect for the occasion.

When I say I made soup, I peeled the potatoes, stirred the pot a few times then used the blender to make it nice and smooth.

I admit it; I’m no culinary genius. It would probably have been quicker and easier for Candy if I’d not helped her, much like when the boys “help” me with DIY around the house. But sometimes efficiency and accuracy are not the most important elements in getting a job done.

20150205 TimeTogether

Time is vital in the development of any skill. In his book “Outliers: The Story of Success”, Malcolm Gladwell suggests that there are no naturals at any particular discipline, rather it is simply a matter of time. To be in the elite you need to have put in 10,000 hours.

It is said that by the time the Beatles burst onto the international scene they already had 1,200 concerts under their belt. With that level of commitment to their craft, it’s little wonder they went on to achieve what most musicians only dream of.

How does this apply to our marriages?

Our lives become so busy with work, hobbies and other responsibilities that we spend little time with our spouse. We don’t have the time to excel at marriage… or perhaps we don’t make the time.

I’ve never found exercise appealing but recently Candy and I started doing a workout together. We spur each other on. We get the exercise we need. Most importantly, we enjoy time together. Win-Win.
I offered to help make the soup because it was an excuse to spend a little time together.

Inevitably devoting time to excel at something takes time away from other activities. Your marriage is worth that time investment.

What can you do to help you excel in marriage?

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