Memories are made with people

Memories. Travelling back through time collecting photographs. People, places, moments.

Images pinned to a board. Each photograph a reminder, a milestone on my journey. The pin board a map of my life, a brief history of me.

20150326 Memories

Looking at a “history of me” it is easier to see how far we have come. Our lives are not a clearly defined flow chart, more like muddled wanderings. Often we can’t see the picture because of the mess. Yet step back and we see a wonderful story, intricate details and sub-plots intertwined with the stories of others.

Just like you, I’ve experienced heartaches I would rather have avoided. Health is unpredictable, career-paths not the broad highway we imagined. Maybe it feels as though you’re climbing a rocky track through the mountains.

But heartaches bring appreciation of love. Poor health can bring a dependence on and appreciation of community. Rocky tracks must be navigated more slowly but reach greater heights that afford a more beautiful view. The twists and turns of the journey may be distant memories and the pain of the climb will likely be forgotten. Each adversity you overcame made you stronger and gave you the tenacity to face the next.

Life is messy, a muddle, but somehow we all make it to the end. For some the end is closer than we imagine, for some the journey seems easy, for some… but this is not about the “some”, this is about you.

Who helped you along the way and gave you strength when you faltered? Who sustained you, giving hope when hope was lost? Who believed in you when you didn’t even believe in yourself? Who made you laugh long and loud?

Take time, remember “who” and if possible, thank them.

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