Are you living the dream?

Do you have plans? Is your future mapped out?

Perhaps you’re a cynic decrying those with their 5- and 10-year plans?

I was.

Sure, I had dreams. Things I’d like to do. Maybe. Some day. Possibly…

Ten years later they were still no closer to happening. I needed to change.

20150129 DreamMap

It is alleged that Martin Luther said, “Even if I knew the world was going to end tomorrow, I would still plant an apple tree today.” No matter how much you want to eat your own apples, unless you plant the tree it will not happen.

A dream can be painful. I had a dream that seemed to taunt me, “If life had dealt you a different hand you could be doing this, instead you’re stuck doing that.” The dream made my life worse… until I started to move toward it. I started taking tiny steps in that direction. Suddenly the dream became liberating. It gave me hope. I started to come alive again.

Do you dream? Together?

Together. Such an important word.

Do you have a common goal, something that you’d like to achieve together? It could be anything, big or small – make something, design your ideal garden, build your dream home, own a business, move to the country/city or across the globe, start a charity…

If you want it to be more that a pipe-dream you need to write it down. The act of writing forces you to crystallise your thoughts into something clear, something defined and tangible.

Once your destination is clear you stop wandering aimlessly through life, you journey with purpose. Record the milestones; take joy in the small achievements along the way. Perhaps you will never reach the final destination you envisaged. You even may have to change your plans, but the journey becomes the adventure.

Go on – live your dream!

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