Living beyond comfortable

You’d think we’d have learnt by now, yet still we continue to do it. We stress ourselves out needlessly. The fact is most of the things we worry about never happen.

Really, you should worry less.

Chair by a fire

Part way through the school year one of my sons wanted to join the after-school football club. My wife wrote a letter to the school secretary requesting that he be added to the waiting list; the demand had always exceeded the available places.

As we walked to school I reminded him that he needed to hand it in to the school office. “Ohhh Dad! Can’t you do it Dad?” It was obvious the fear of something unknown was troubling him. This was beyond what he was comfortable with. “No,” I replied, “you can do it.”

He was not so easily persuaded, but I had decided. “You want to play football, you can take the letter to the office.”

Life often throws up a challenging scenarios; the potential for disaster seems to grow as we recount the “probable” outcomes or with each new revelation from the media. We fear the possibility of what might be. Really it is the unknown that we fear most.

Sulking and moaning my son made his way toward the office entrance, but then turned back. “Hurry up, or you’ll be late to class!” Onward he slunk. I loitered in the vicinity to ensure he followed through. From a distance I could see him hand over the letter and wait as the secretary read it. “Okay my lovely, that’s fine,” sang out her cheery voice.

As he galloped past me and round to the student’s entrance our eyes met; “That wasn’t so bad, eh? Have a good day, I’ll see you later!” He gave me a sheepish smile, “Seya Dad!” and ran into class.

What are you fearful of today? Is your fear actually founded, or is it based on an unknown possibility? Chances are, it won’t be as bad as you think.


  1. Hi Chris, so much of what we fear or are even just anxious about never materialises. So many such instances were conquered on Ride India that I hesitate to share just a few!
    Meeting a rider at the end of their perceived ‘tether’ and with a word of encouragement enabling them to go the extra stretch to achieve that which they had convinced themselves they could not do!
    We witnessed many an inward battle won through companionship, dogged determination and pure courage to see a physical and mental change come over these dear folks – standing that much taller, confidence where before there was defeat and leadership where before there was a follow the crowd attitude.
    Such is the strength of sharing ones battles with another like minded soul for such a challenge is more than halved in doing so.
    Bless you in helping whichever son it was to overcome his seemingly high hurdle of fear as who knows how that experience will forge his future in whatever life will throw in his path. To paraphrase my favourite Napoleon Hill ‘the stumbling blocks in life are mere incoveniences, to clamber over and stand upon to enable us to use these experiences to see further into our future lives ‘! Keep up the good parenting. NC

    • Hey Nich! Thanks for the reminder about how easily we can help people overcome their fears – those personal experiences really can make a big impact. C.

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