Killing me softly with his words

Your words have incredible power; power to harm but, thankfully, to bring healing too.

It was not the first time; her eyes showed the pain. His jokes, a razor-sharp knife, plunged deep into her soul.

That moment, I saw it; nervous laughter, her life gone, she had died.

Image of pocket knife

I shifted uncomfortably, our new acquaintance oblivious to his wife’s pain. I made our excuses. We departed. And yet, something of the heaviness of the encounter would not leave us.

For many, the physical signs of life may be there, however their emotions have all but died. Weary smiles speaking, like a faded photograph, of memories from a happier time.

I thought of Candy; is it possible that I’m killing her softly? Are the words she hears from me encouraging and affirming, or do I devalue and pull down her down?

We all have dreams and ambitions. Simply speaking your dream and writing it down makes it more likely you’ll see it come to pass. Once we define our dream, putting it into words and giving it substance, we can really begin to believe it. Contrary to accepted wisdom, hearing is believing.

Years ago I was critically ill in hospital. I thought my time had come. A phone call from a friend came with words of hope, like a surgeon’s knife, removing my negative thinking. I believed the words I heard. I started to dream. And from that moment, my health began to improve.

Consider the person you want your spouse to become. Now speak it.

Not, “You should be…” but, “You are….”

Speak love, hope and encouragement.

Speak life.

If you speak it, it will come.

I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.

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