Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas 2015

Christmas Eve carries a significance beyond the familiar for my family. In the autumn of 2003 I became seriously ill with Ulcerative Colitis and convinced that I was living out my last days. However, from mid-December I started to respond to the treatment and, at about 5pm on Christmas Eve I was discharged from hospital, in time to spend Christmas at home with my family.

Two years later, and having made a good recovery, I put pen to paper and wrote this song based on my experience.
Regardless of the any other gifts, I hope you enjoy being present this Christmas.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2016.

Christmas Presence

Verse 1:
Shopping and singing, laughter and joy,
Preparing and planning – it all passed me by.
Bright coloured paper, gifts under the tree.
I’m happy to be present this Christmas time.

Verse 2:
Shepherds came searching with news of the boy.
Angels proclaiming glad tidings and joy.
Wise men from the east bringing their costly gifts.
I’m glad you were present that first Christmas time.

Verse 3:
There’s shopping and singing but no sign of the boy.
Preparing and planning and we pass you by.
Bright lights steal our gaze; help me not to forget
That you’re ever present this Christmas time.

I can’t remember a Christmas without gifts,
But what can I give to the God over all?

Verse 4:
How can I say thank you to this very boy
Who gave me his life upon Calvary hill?
No thing I could give is ever enough.
My life’s my present to you this Christmas time.

(c) 2005, Chris Goodchild

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