How to write a helpful book review

Book, notepad, pen and coffee

Why write a book review? How often do you scan through some of the reviews before buying something on-line? By allowing us to write unmoderated reviews, the retailers have put a lot of power in our hands. Third-party reviews tell the prospective customer what they can expect if they purchase…

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20 days to the marriage of your dreams

Weddings are wonderful; a beautiful celebration of love and friendship. In a moment the dream comes true; Prince Charming marries his bride, the fairytale becomes reality. And yet, too often the radiance of “the big day” tarnishes as the harsh realities of life inflict their will on our marriage story.…

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1 book, 20 questions, a better marriage

Today is a big, exciting day! I’ve been looking forward to it for quite a long time. Today is the day I officially announce the launch of my first full book – 20 Questions To Make Your Marriage Even Better. When you’re heading down the traditional publishing route the publisher…

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