Does mercy trump justice?

Courtroom gavel

Guilty! Judgement passed. Sentence handed down. Justice done. There is a deep-seated satisfaction in knowing that the law has been upheld. The perpetrators have been caught and punished appropriately. Those that tried to cheat, deceive and malign have had their comeuppance. What could be more fitting than that? “I know…

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Does it sound too simple?


Seemingly simple things can prove to be utterly frustrating. Having published Ulcerative Colitis – When the bottom drops out of your world I wanted to make it available as an audio book. It’s a simple process – record myself reading it, do a little post-processing then upload it. Simple. Or…

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From this day forward

Just married

Getting married is more that getting a piece of paper; it’s making a huge commitment. A marriage that works well is not a matter of good luck. You have to work at it and that means making some intentional decisions. Scott Kedersha’s blog post “5 Things We Are Glad We…

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Commit to the process (not the destination)

Writing can be hard work. Really hard. There are so many people who say they would like to write a book, but never manage it. Like almost everything in life, there is no magic bullet to solve the problem. An old proverb tells us that a journey of a thousand…

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Seek and you will find

3 Magi follow a star

After a long build-up the feasting comes to an end and the decorations are packed into their boxes. Another year done and dusted. One last celebration as the new year clicks over then it’s back to work, back to routine. Twelve days after Christmas day is Epiphany – the celebration…

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Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are? The words spoken deliberately, pointed and accusing. The intonation and body language leave no room for doubt. Nobody. Nothing. Not welcome. The voice of the inner critic joins in, “What was I thinking? Who am I to presume that I could? Why would anyone…

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How to write a helpful book review

Book, notepad, pen and coffee

Why write a book review? How often do you scan through some of the reviews before buying something on-line? By allowing us to write unmoderated reviews, the retailers have put a lot of power in our hands. Third-party reviews tell the prospective customer what they can expect if they purchase…

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A life less cluttered

Mugs on a chest of draws

A culture of consumerism pervades the society in which we live. Everything shouts out to us that we need to have more. Dutifully we comply. We buy clothes at inflated prices, yet before long they are horrendously out of vogue. Each year we to add to the already bulging wardrobe.…

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