Can’t get that Christmas Feeling?

The countdown to Christmas seems to start earlier every year. The excitement is tangible… or perhaps it’s the pressure to be happier, do better and buy bigger? At this time of year it can feel like we’re the only ones fighting a losing battle; trying to keep up with life.

That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

That Christmas feeling

If you’ve read much of my writings you’ll be no stranger to the importance of what you believe. Often we say, and think, we believe one thing but deep-down, when push comes to shove, we find that we actually believe something quite different. The Bible encourages us to cogitate on the truth of what God says about us, until we really believe it. Then, taking God at his word, we have the confidence to navigate the complexities of life.

Christmas is a big deal. It reminds us about when God put His words into action. Kick-starting his plan, He sent Jesus as the Christ, the God-become-man, to show how much he loves, cares and wants us to be with Him.

Amidst all the preparations and festivities this Christmas, take some time to remind yourself what God says about you, and start to really believe it;

  • I am loved,
  • I am not alone,
  • I can have hope!

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