Two little words. One big impact.

Writing a Thank you note

There are two little words we all love to hear. Sadly, as we grow older many of us seem to hear them less, and less. We’ve come to a point where we often don’t know how to respond to these words; they elicit an uncomfortable denial. The thoughts, “you don’t…

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Can you smell the roses?

What is the smell

The human body is designed to sweat. As well as being one of the mechanisms to excrete toxins from the body it’s important for regulating the body’s temperature. Huge under-arm sweat patches are not attractive in any outfit and, consequently, the deodorant and antiperspirant market is big business. In most…

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You don’t need this

Seminar room

The global education budget is HUGE! Even if you exclude compulsory education from the calculations, it’s probably somewhere up there just behind health-care and defence. So many people attend all sorts of training courses. I’ve attended courses, workshops and seminars on everything from highly technical instruction on computer software to…

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Battling hay fever (and other inflammatory ills)

Child crying with hand over eyes

I’ve never really suffered with allergic hay fever reactions. The same cannot be said for everyone in our household. The runny nose and itchy-scratchy-want-to-rip-them-out eyes have regularly been a curse that has just about been held at bay by the highest dose of over-the-counter medicines. Sometimes we resorted to prescription…

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Here comes the bride… and she needs help

Inside a church

It was frenetic. Rushing from one place to another, we tried in vain to complete everything on time. People were late. Things had gone wrong. The kids could not grasp the concept of doing anything quickly today. But now, the frenzy forgotten. Stillness. What was not done would remain undone.…

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Zero waste – an impossible goal?

Litter bin surrounded by rubbish

When decluttering is not enough Not long ago I wrote about our target of living with less. Decluttering has become a part of our life; aside from what we’ve thrown away, each week we’ve taken a bag or box of “stuff” to the local second-hand shop. Our home, and life,…

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A healthy breakfast smoothie

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fortunately we know this thanks to a 1917 issue of Good Health magazine, edited by Dr J H Kellogg. Some years later this fact was brought to a wider audience by another company with a product to sell, General Foods. Many…

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All things beige and beautiful

Fast food or Fresh Food?

Not far from where we lived there was, in my early teenage years, a car that was the subject of much ridicule in our household. It was not the vehicle’s vital statistics that caused this derision by top-trumps obsessed youngsters. It was the colour. Beige. Hearing-aid beige is not a…

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