Hi! I’m Chris and I’m crazy enough to believe that it’s possible for everyone, including you, to have a great life.

But, you know what? It doesn’t happen by chance. I know that not everyone’s life is great… hey, many are not even good, and that is why I write.

Bite-sized nuggets to build better lives in a busy world.

The Family Goodchild

That’s us!

I’m a writer and a problem-solver, and there’s no shortage of problems. Problems with money, with health, technology and relationships. All of these affect the life we live and can drag us from excelling to merely existing.

I’ve been married to my best friend, Candy, since 2005 and together we have four boys. We’re on a journey, building a better marriage and a healthier life. My mission is to help you improve your life too, however good it is now. You’re busy so I post bite-sized nuggets to help you make your life even better.

I’m crazy enough to believe that it might just be possible…

Where to start?

I’ve got quite a library accumulating here so, where do you start? Well, here’s some of the most popular posts…

From time to time I publish some Really Short Interviews. These are always popular too.

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