A life less cluttered

A culture of consumerism pervades the society in which we live. Everything shouts out to us that we need to have more. Dutifully we comply.

We buy clothes at inflated prices, yet before long they are horrendously out of vogue. Each year we to add to the already bulging wardrobe. A few favourite items fit well and look good. And the others…?

Mugs on a chest of draws

Christmas, birthdays and “just because”, children are showered with more presents than they know what to do with. Mountains of toys accumulate; those at the top are played with relatively frequently. The ones at the bottom seldom see the light of day.

Wading through the mounting clutter, a sense of claustrophobia, desperation, suffocation. A life consumed with managing the “stuff” that fills our space. There must be a better way than this stuffication!

In the busyness of life there never seems to be sufficient time to do all the things we want. More time is spent cleaning and tidying the house than entertaining guests, playing with the children or even just enjoying our space. The reality dawns; what fills your space fills your time.

Cue minimalism; not just an artistic style but a way of living. It’s life without the clutter that prevents you from living the way you want. Minimalism is about designing a life in which the fewest elements are used to maximum effect.

Here at “chateau-Goodchild” we’re slowly working towards a more minimalist home. Now, if you think our house has been transformed into an empty shell, think again. We’re nowhere close to that, but we have started on a journey. After all, how many t-shirts does a five-year-old actually need? Let me give you a clue, the answer is not 15!

So, what fills your time and space? Is it the things you love? If not, perhaps it’s time to start making a few changes.

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