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I recently released 7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Marriage Every Day, a short eBook with a pretty long title, with the aim of helping people to improve their relationship with their spouse.


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The feedback has blown me away so I thought I’d share some of the reactions with you.

“Excellent and well designed.”
Paul and Ruth Bullivant – Married over 50 years


“This little book is like a doctor’s prescription. It’s powerful medicine that will that do your marriage a world of good if you take it regularly. 7 Simple Ways is pithy and practical. Just follow the prescription!”
Paul & Janice Finn – Church Leaders, Marriage Counsellors & Trainers


“I met Chris for the first time recently at a men’s breakfast. He told me that he was writing a book about marriage. He also told me that he had been married for nine years and that he and his wife had four boys aged 7 and under. I immediately thought that this guy must know something about his subject!

As a man who has been married for nearly 33 years I am learning all the time that however devoted we are to our wives, there is no such thing as the perfect marriage; it is always a work in progress! I found Chris’ book both stimulating and challenging and would recommend it to anyone who is already married or contemplating wedlock, whatever your vintage!”

Richard Blackaby – married and very happy to be so!


“It is very practical, easy to read and short enough for people to take in and apply. Marriage is a very big issue and there are countless volumes written on it, but Chris has done well to be so concise, making it very user friendly. It is also something which you could share with anyone. It is not overtly “Christian” yet it is full of scriptural principles which, as we know, provide the answers to life. I will be sharing it with a newly married couple in our church.”

David Smith – Pastor


“In a world in which there is so much pressure on marriage, it is heartening to find someone genuinely concerned to help others in a practical way to maintain good and loving relationships between husband and wife. Many enter marriage with the question in their mind as to how much their spouse is going to give them, pondering the institution as being a 50/50 partnership. This is wrong thinking as we should be concerned as to how much we can give to the other in order to keep the fire of love burning. This is a 100% commitment!
Chris’s simple yet profound booklet gives much needed guidance as to how we might achieve this in the busy lives so many of us live. A happy and fulfilled marriage is vital to family security. Just like we need to maintain a car for good long-term, trouble-free motoring, so we need to work at and maintain healthy relationships between man and wife.
Well done Chris for caring enough to do something practical to help us.”

Clive Jones – Alpha Marriage Course Convenor with forty years’ experience helping others maintain their marriage


Have you read 7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Marriage Every Day yet? What did you think?
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