4 Powerful things to say to your wife

It’s vital you tell your wife you love her. Regularly. Don’t let it become empty; say it with words and actions that show you mean it.

You may think that’s easier said than done. Well, actually it’s not so difficult.

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Here are some of the most powerful words you can use:

Yes – let’s include all verbal and non-verbal affirmations here. When you first started dating you embarked on a long line of “Yes”s that got you to marriage. One “yes” leads to another. The more you affirmed each other the closer you became until you reached the altar and gave your fiancée a solemn “Yes.” Marriage is not a time to put distance between you with continual “No”s.

Thank you – Being together day after day we easily take the little things for granted. Sure, I know you appreciate the fact that she makes dinner, takes the rubbish out and mows the lawn; but does she know? Are you sure?!

Sorry – If, like me, you never make mistakes this can be a tricky one. However, if you’re truly honest with yourself there are things you said, or did, that weren’t kind and certainly weren’t necessary. I don’t care who started it; you have the power stop it.

I need you – In the corporate rat-race admission of weakness is often seen as a failing. If you want to succeed you have to be able to do everything. Your marriage is not a rat-race, it’s a team game. You are different and complement each other. A defender needs a striker, a full-back needs a scrum-half. It’s not weak or unmanly to tell your wife you need her.

If these words have been absent from your vocabulary, get them back in there. Your marriage will be better for it.

… and for the wives reading; show your appreciation and you’ll get more.

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