1 book, 20 questions, a better marriage

Today is a big, exciting day!

I’ve been looking forward to it for quite a long time.

Today is the day I officially announce the launch of my first full book – 20 Questions To Make Your Marriage Even Better.

Make your marriage even better book cover

The Make Your Marriage Even Better book cover.

When you’re heading down the traditional publishing route the publisher will let you know what you need to do, and when. They look after the practical details of getting the cover designed, the actual production and distributed of the final book…

But I’m not going down the traditional publishing route; I’m self-publishing. This means I’m responsible for doing approximately EVERYTHING to get this book, and more importantly its message, into the hands of as many people as possible.

I could really do with a bit of help!

So here’s my plan: I want to create a Launch Team of readers willing to help get Make Your Marriage Even Better out into the big wide world on 1st September! Would you be willing to join the team?

What is a Launch Team?

A launch team is a group of volunteers who announce the release of the book. They help spread the word through whatever means they have; Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, printed newsletters etc.

Who can apply for the Launch Team?

  • Do you believe in marriage?
  • Are you excited to read Make Your Marriage Even Better and tell your friends about it?
  • Do you use Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram?
  • Do you have an active blog? Or perhaps another place of influence (newsletter editor, ministry director, group leader, site manager….)?
  • Would you like to provide an endorsement that may end up in the book?

If you can answer YES to any of the above, then please complete the form below.

What would I be required to do?

I will simply ask you to do these 4 things:

  1. Read an early copy of the book. Yay!
  2. Engage with your friends and followers online by posting about the book before, during and after launch week (1st September).
  3. In your place of influence (blog, group, ministry, club, website), I’d love for you to blog or write about the book!
  4. Post a review on Amazon.

What’s in it for me?

You will receive a free (digital) copy of the book before it is available to the general public in the Amazon Kindle store, so you can read it and begin telling your friends about it. You will also receive exclusive emails updating you on the latest news and activity around the book. This is your chance to get involved in making a practical difference to marriages across the world! Not to mention the fact that I will love you forever! 🙂

How do I join?

Fill our the simple form below to apply! We are looking for people to be a part of this Launch Team and you will receive an email within the next 2 weeks.

We are taking applications starting today! I can’t wait to hear from you! LET’S DO THIS!

Sign up NOW to help marriages across the world!

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