2 stereotypes you can’t trust

Blue for a boy, pink for a girl. It’s been that way since the dawn of time, hasn’t it?

Actually, no. In the early 1900s blue was perceived as “delicate and dainty” thus suitable for a girl whereas pink was “more decided and stronger” so obviously very manly.


Big boys don’t cry. They’re strong. Unless you’re in one of the many cultures across the globe that celebrate a man’s tears as a sign of integrity and strength.

It’s funny how such stereotypes can make a huge impact on the way we live our lives. Isn’t it?

Stereotypes may be helpful in providing us with an overview of a culture, but they draw us away from the myriad variations that exist in reality. They provide a very shaky foundation on which to build a life.

In marriage husband and wife are a team. Working together for the benefit of the team, each having their own responsibilities. Which is all good, unless the stereotypes compel us to take on roles for which we are ill equipped.

For a team to work well we each need to play our part, taking into account our strengths and weaknesses. The stereotypes just may not work for you in your marriage.

Many assume that the wife will prepare the meals, although many men not only enjoy cooking, but excel at it. Some place managing finance as a husband’s responsibility. But if the wife is more skilled then surely she should to do it?

If we are skilled let’s use our skills to the benefit of our marriage. Rather than allowing stereotypes to trick us into doing something that we’re less comfortable with, pick the best person for the job.

However poor our team configuration is currently, it is possible to win. If we have the determination to pull together and be a team that uses our strengths well, we can excel. Life will be less stressful and your relationships at home will be that little bit easier, helping you build a stronger marriage.

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